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Transitional Work Exploration Program

Transitional Work ProgramTransitional Work Program

Zion is working with the Jefferson County Schools Transitional Work Exploration Program which is an extension of the classroom where students use learned skills in businesses to guide them with their transition from school to work. This program is a career exploration program for Special Education students.

Our student is Forrest who is shown above with his aide, Leslie. He is a senior at Washington High School. He comes to Zion’s Parish Office for 90 minutes. So far, he has folded the Sunday insert and then stuffed two inserts into the main bulletin, swept the area outside the Office and cleaned the front windows of the classrooms outside, worked in the Farmers’ Market basement with the puzzles and games, sorted plastic containers from the Summer Sunday School program. Upcoming jobs will be cleaning the inside windows of the Parish House and Mason House, weeding up at the church, cleaning the columbarium unit.

Georgia Gessler, our Parish Administrator/ Secretary is working with Forrest and his aide. She is showing and explaining to him the various task that need to be done each day.

Melissa Costello from Zion is the Work Exploration Coordinator at Washington High School.

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