Zion Episcopal Church 301 East Congress St. Charles Town, WV. 25414

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! | 200th Anniversary



As time draws closer for our grand Homecoming Celebration on the weekend of September 26th, 2015,
we are doing our best to let folks know about the festivities. Please e-mail or call the Parish Office at
304-725-5312 with names and addresses to add to our database. We’re on the lookout for all folks who
might be interested in the celebration.

Zion Church
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Whether you are new to the Christian faith, seeking a church home, or just visiting Charles Town, we hope you all gather with us this Sunday and join in the celebration.
  1. Ann Cross

    Susan, Eve and I and my housekeeper are thinking of coming. Let me know which weekend would be the best. Will ask Christian (Bavarian) for some rooms. Thanks. Lucy and Lou will most likely be there also.