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Thank you to our Volunteers!

I’ve long since given up the illusion that summers are lazy times at Zion. In truth, some of our biggest
projects of the year take place during the summer months. Vacation Bible School and our newlyimplemented
Reading Stars Program are two of them. These ministries cannot take place without a
host of volunteers (namely yourselves) to see them through to completion.
This is my opportunity to proclaim a loud and heart-felt THANK YOU to our many volunteers! One
volunteer, in particular, stands out, Linda Work. Without the dedication and effort of Linda Work, our
VBS and Reading Stars Program would be all the poorer. There have been many mornings when I
have arrived at my office and Linda has already been hard at work (now, that’s early!). Her dedication
to bringing the Gospel to our children has been a great and enduring blessing.
I also want to thank Georgia Gessler (our Parish Secretary), who consistently goes above and beyond
the call of duty. Nowhere is it written in her job description that she would be painting props, hanging
banners from the ceiling or running to the store to purchase provisions. In addition, there are many
more of you; adults and children, who have risen to assist (I am not naming you because I know I will
forget someone). One of the aspects of life here at Zion is our commitment to volunteerism. I am so
proud of all of you—for when it comes to the important, life-changing ministries that we offer, I rarely
have to twist arms asking folks to volunteer. It seems that reaching out to help others is an important
part of our identity as members of Zion. I cannot help but think that Jesus would be proud of you. I
certainly am.

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