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Lenten Series at Zion Episcopal Church

“Practical Strategies for Healthy & Authentic Living”

Lenten Series at Zion Episcopal Church


How do we go about living authentically?  What does a healthy spiritual life look like?  What, if anything, can the Church do to help?

How often do you hear someone say:  “I’m spiritual, not religious.”  In an age of religious skepticism, what does the Church have to offer?  How can we make sense of our everyday lives by engaging with God on a Sunday morning?  Join us for our Lenten Program :  “Practical Strategies for Healthy & Authentic Living”

Based on the Book Liturgical Life Principals by Ian Markham, this year’s program is designed to demonstrate how an active, engaged heart and spirit in the life of a worshipping community can be a vital part of healthy and authentic living.

Markham states, “The time has come for The Episcopal Church to explain that the liturgy in our services is intended to provide hope when hopelessness is the only option.  It is intended to enable us to cope when coping is difficult.  It is intended to help confront the demons of our past, when we imagine that the demons are bound to triumph.  This is the Gospel.  This is the purpose of our shared liturgical life.”

Each Tuesday evening  at 6:30 p.m. we’ll enjoy a potluck supper in the Mason House Parlors followed by a program.  Each Wednesday afternoon at 12:00 p.m. we’ll gather in the Hayes Chapel for brief worship followed by a soup and salad meal.

The schedule of topics for the programs is found on the back of this page.

Tuesday Evening Programs, Mason House Parlors, 221 East Washington Street, Charles Town at 6:30 p.m.

(Please bring a pot-luck item for the meal)

Tuesday, March 11th                      “Turning Your Life into a Healthy & Authentic Living Project”

Tuesday, March 18th                      “The Power of Music”

Tuesday, March 25th                      “The Power of the Word”

Tuesday, April 1st                            “The Power of Symbol”

Tuesday, April 9th                           “Agape Meal”

Wednesday Noontime Services, Hayes Chapel, 221 East Washington Street, in the Education Building (Followed by Soup and Bread lunch in the Hauser Room)

Wednesday, March 12th              “What does a Spiritually Healthy Life Look Like?”

Wednesday, March 19th              “The Art of Appreciating Liturgy”

Wednesday, March 26th              “Discovering What God is Like”

Wednesday, April 2nd                 “Approaching the Eucharist”

Wednesday, April 9th                   “Living Each Day in Gratitude”


Please join us each Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon in Lent.

We look forward to seeing you in Church (300 East Congress Street) each Sunday too.



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