Zion Episcopal Church 301 East Congress St. Charles Town, WV. 25414


Congratulations to the new Vestry and Committee menbers!


New Members: Greg Harp, Registrar; Alice Sudduth, Candy Cain, Mark Peyton, Amy Salisbury, Senior Warden

Bill Hewitt, Junior Warden
Jim Ruddy, Treasurer
Richard Seckinger, Assistant Treasurer
Becton Davis
Karen Wysong
Eileen Davis
Phil McDonald
Steven Longerbeam

Parish Profile Committee:

Jim Ruddy
Pam Carroll
Patsy Noland
Stephanie Harp

Search Committee:

Betina Peyton
Elizabeth Lutton
Sue Floyd
Richard Seckinger
Alice Sudduth
Melissa Costello
Sarah McGivern
Lisa Hewitt
Traci Davis
Steven Longerbeam
Greg Burch
Eileen Davis
John Skinner

Zion Church
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Whether you are new to the Christian faith, seeking a church home, or just visiting Charles Town, we hope you all gather with us this Sunday and join in the celebration.
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