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Commited to Christ

Committed to ChristDear Friends,

What does it mean to be committed to Christ? The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines commitment as “a promise to do or give something; a promise to be loyal to someone or something; the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something.” This year, your Stewardship Team is asking you to consider what it means to be a disciple, committed to carrying on the work of Christ. Listed below is a job description of a disciple. See how you shape up—and each Sunday—now, until our Ministry Celebration Sunday on October 20th, join us in worship as we renew our commitment to Jesus Christ.

A disciple is one who first has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A disciple is one who regularly seeks out God in prayer and devotion.

A disciple is one who reads and meditates upon the Bible.


A disciple is one who is faithful in attendance at

opportunities for worship and praise.

A disciple is one who routinely shares with others

what the Lord has done in their life.

A disciple is one who cheerfully returns at least a

tithe of what God has given.

A disciple is one who serves the poor, the hungry, the

hurting, and the lost as if that person were Christ


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