Zion Episcopal Church 301 East Congress St. Charles Town, WV. 25414

Anniversary Dates

Confirm Anniversary Dates

May 2, 2015    Concert “Our Christian Heritage of Music”
September 26, 2015    St. George’s Chapel Commemorative Service, The
Rev. John Merchant, Preacher & Celebrant

September 27, 2015    Homecoming Celebration, 10:30 a.m., The Rt. Rev.
Alan Bartlett, Preacher & Celebrant

October 18, 2015    The Rev. Frank Wade, Preacher & Celebrant

November 1, 2015    All Saints’ Day, Confirmation & Rededication of
Zion, The Rt. Rev. Michie Klusmeyer, Preacher & Celebrant

As time continues I’ll have more dates to post on our 200th-anniversary page.

Yours in Christ,

Zion Church
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Whether you are new to the Christian faith, seeking a church home, or just visiting Charles Town, we hope you all gather with us this Sunday and join in the celebration.