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1. LAURIE RUDDY met her husband when JIM arrived at her parent’s home to take her SISTER out on a date!

2. BECKY MCDONALD ran/swam/biked a triathlon in 1986!

3. RANDY HILTON worked for Montgomery County, Human Resources Special Services. His
co-workers called him the TERMINATOR! Can you imagine Randy?

4.RICHARD SECKINGER, now retired Air Traffic Controller was relieved after not receiving the lucrative job in Saudi Arabia when the Gulf War broke.

JUNE “Angels Among Us”

1. Late in the 1950’s, this Angel’s mother and father were hosting a dinner party for her father’s Commanding Officer and two other couples. The CO”s wife phoned in regrets. So, the two Cornish hens went into the deep freeze. At the last minute, the Commander’s wife called and said, “Due to a cancellation they could attend, if it wasn’t a problem”. The Angel’s mother said “SURE, no problem”.
But there was a problem! The main course for the Commanding Officer and his wife was FROZEN
SOLID! No microwaves of course, the Angel’s
mother improvised! She RAN THE FROZEN BIRDS THROUGH THE DISHWASHER (NO SOAP)! Dinner was late due to lengthy rinse cycle, but no one complained!

2. This Angel worked for the FBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. This Angel’s mother passed away very suddenly, leaving the family shocked, hurt, angry, the whole gamete of emotions. The sibling and spouses had planned a trip to Belize for many months and were uncertain about going two weeks after their mother’s passing. The father gave his blessing stating, “You can cry in the cold or cry in the warm sunshine”. It was during the final day of the trip, this Angel sat on the end of a dock saying a prayer and asking for a sign. “I needed a sign that my mom was with God and OK”.
Prior to boarding the plane, our Angel noticed a nun standing in line. The dislike of flying was known to the mother.
This is where I stop telling the story. The rest of the true story must be told by the ANGEL as it is quite moving!!!!!
It’s great fun during Coffee and Doughnuts talking about the stories of the REVEALED ANGELS and the newest Angel Story.
PLEASE keep them coming!
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