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Acts of Devotion

200th Anniversary

Acts of Devotion was written for the 200th anniversary of Zion Episcopal Church on its present site in Charles Town, West Virginia.

The book assesses over the period 1770 to 2000 the impact of secular national, state and county economic and political development, such as civil war and civil rights and the role of women, on the parish.

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On the religious side, the book examines the role of Zion’s vestry, its prominent lay members and its clergy including the four clergymen who went on to become Bishops of the church, including a Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.

Zion’s future, at a time when many mainline churches like The Episcopal Church are declining, may now depend on whether it learns from its history, the acts of devotion of its congregations and pastors over more than two hundred years, and retains the courage of its ancestors in using faith and community to transform itself for the 21st century.

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